Rogue Arena – Branding Cannabis On a Higher Level

Rogue Arena – Branding Cannabis On a Higher Level

Launched in 2014, Rogue Arena is a cannabis marketing incubator where ideas are developed, evaluated and delivered, from start to finish.

RA builds, enhances and nurtures diverse brands; working within the spectrum of traditional, digital and social media. We utilize brand integration to drive awareness through recommendation, engagement and purchase.

Rogue Arena creates mainstream momentum across all channels, helping to solidify the new and evolving business of cannabis.

Working with our client, Grammy-nominated artist, Afroman, we recreated and produced a viral video for his hit song, “Because I Got High, The Positive Remix.” To date, the video has received over 10 million views on YouTube.

Welcome to our world, where anything is possible, the cannabis and CBD rogue arena has gone mainstream, and its future features enlightenment and acceptance.

Branding cannabis and CBD on a higher level, RA is working hard to raise awareness and change perceptions from a global perspective.